South Hilo Sanitary Landfill Phase I Expansion, Island of Hawai‘i

In 2005, the Solid Waste Division of the County of Hawai‘i proposed modifying the slope profile of the South Hilo Sanitary Landfill (SHSL) to increase its overall capacity. The SHSL is the only permitted municipal solid waste landfill in East Hawai‘i. Without additional airspace to grow, the SHSL was projected to reach its permitted maximum capacity in 2006. Geometrician performed an EA for the project, which demonstrated that the profile of the landfill would change almost imperceptibly and there would be negligible visual impact. The project has subsequently been implemented and the landfill has been steepened without increasing the permitted maximum height and landfill footprint. This additional capacity has provided the County with time to work toward other solid waste management solutions, including some combination of a vertical landfill expansion (Phase II), acquisition of a waste reduction technology facility, and increased diversion.

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