New Moon Contemplative Education Center, Island of Hawai‘i

Beginning in 2000, the New Moon Foundation acquired property in and adjacent to the Bond Historic District in Kohala and began planning for a Contemplative Education Center (CEC). The CEC campus involved adaptive re-use of the old Kohala Girls’ School (KGS), built in 1874 by the missionary Elias Bond. The CEC will offer single- and multi-day programs, meeting and conference space, and special events focusing on healing encounters, leadership, land stewardship, and community needs for up to 80 residential and 20 day guests. Prior to acquisition by New Moon, the KGS buildings had received little maintenance and were deteriorating rapidly. Since then, New Moon has worked with architects and contractors, in consultation with the State Historic Preservation Division, to restore and renovate the various historic structures, spending over $1,300,000 to stabilize the buildings. In 2006, Geometrician completed an EA for the project, which is currently underway.

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