Fencing of Kona Forest Unit of Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge, Island of Hawai‘i

In 2007, Geometrician prepared an EA for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for building a 16.8-miles fence enclosing 5,300 acres of land within the Kona Forest Unit of the Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge. The native forests of the Kona Forest Unit support four species of endangered forest birds, the endangered Hawaiian hoary bat, and a high diversity of native plant species, of which several are threatened or endangered. Until 2002, the Kona Forest Unit supported the last remaining ‘Alala (Hawaiian crows) in the wild. In the future, the area will serve as a place for their reintroduction to the wild. This pig and cattle-proof fence is a key component in restoring the native ecosystem.

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